First Steps

When I make a mistake in a knitting project, I have two options–go back and fix it, or find  way to get the pattern back on track so I can move forward without unravelling everything. Does one small mistake spoil the entire project? I don’t think so, as long as I’m content with the final product. Have I ever proofread a writing project before sending it to my client and found a mistake–or 2–or 3? Of course. Has an editor changed my work to make it even better? Yes!  In writing and in knitting, the process and the final product give me a lot of pleasure–flaws included.
I want to write about knitting and about writing because I think they are similar in many ways–and I love doing both.  And if I make some mistakes in this new venture, I look f0rward to … well … doing just that–looking forward. I want to share and invite and respond and enjoy the company.
So, what are you knitting? What are you writing? How are you stitching these activities into your life?
There–first steps taken.

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