Writing Starters Instalment #5

NaNoWriMo is getting closer. Here are 5 more ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

21. Write a first paragraph in which your characters comes into physical contact with someone or something.

22. Think about secrets. Make sure your character has some and imagine the kind of person he or she would trust with those secrets. How could that other person gain that trust? Why might that person betray that trust and tell the secret to someone else?

23. If you have an antique or flea market nearby, look for old postcards and read the messages on the back. Here’s one I found. What story can you imagine lies behind the message? “I suppose you are still in Plaster Rock.  Heard that Frank 1st has left you.  I guess he must be a wanderer.”

24. Brainstorm around the words: flame, table, cover, mask, hollow.

25. Send  your characters on an adventure to a “land far, far away.”  Look through some old issues of National Geographic and imagine how your character would cope in a yurt, or in a market in Marrakesh or in a tent on the side of a mountain?

“If [my characters] were real, they’d hate me by the end of the book.”  Clive Cussler.

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