Sometimes you just want to knit a scarf

scarfThis is the times of year when the days get shorter but my to-do list doesn’t. I would love to take a step back from things and just catch my breath, but I know that’s not going to happen right now. I force myself to take a simpler approach to things. A few more meals get cooked in the slow cooker. I use my headphones and MP3 player more often to keep something joyful in my ears—and the noise around me silenced.

And the knitting changes, too. I’ve put aside the sweater with the cables for a while. The pattern isn’t that complicated, but it demands more than I have to give at the moment. My mom is knitting hats and mittens for a charity, so I said I’d knit matching scarves. A simple rib stitch, worsted weight yarn, my favourite bamboo needles, and that’s it. I need to feel yarn running through my fingers and to hear the soft click of needles. Those sensations are soothing, if not healing, and they are part of who I am.

So, for the next week or two until life gets a little less hectic, I’m simply a knitter of scarves. And that’s okay.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just want to knit a scarf

  1. That’s why I keep a sock on the go at all times. I have a Mary Maxim pattern for a sweater with horses on the front, but it’s a complicated graph with as many as 5 colours in a row. It’s supposed to be a Christmas present for my little daughter, but her birthday is in February, so if I don’t make it for December that’s okay.

    Today, I will be knitting socks.

    • I love knitting socks! Doesn’t matter whether it’s 4 needles or one long one. I also love the funky yarn that creates a pattern as you knit–so much fun seeing the colours change. Definitely, time to buy yarn for a new pair. Happy knitting, Lisa.

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