Deadlines and Passion

Yesterday I set a deadline for finishing my book. It’s one I have to stick to or two other goals that I have will not be accomplished. This deadline is unbreakable—and what a motivator it can be.

Is it the reason I woke up this morning thinking about “the book?” I don’t know, but this moment is important to me. There’s a point when I’m working on a writing project that it moves from being just an idea to being a passion. From now on this book will live in every spare moment I have to think about it. When I have any time to sit down, a pen will be in my hand so I can write a little more or plan a little more. This is the fun part and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

I will start arriving early to meet friends for coffee so I can scribble some more words toward my goal. I will make and constantly revise calendars to make sure that among all my other commitments, there is time to write. My days will become longer so that I can wake up early and write and stay up later and get the other jobs in my life done. There will be less TV and more MP3. And I will sing in the car on the way to work a lot more because all of this makes me happy.

 For me, this is the best part of my writing process. What’s the best part for you?

4 thoughts on “Deadlines and Passion

  1. I find this too, when an idea is born I know pretty much instantly if that idea is going to be “the one” for a novel.

    Whether I chose to persue publishing of that project is a whole other matter and I decide when I’m done writing. But when I begin writing for that certain idea, for the “the one”, it is all that matters in those days and weeks and months that follow. Not every book is destined to be published, but “the one” has a destiny to be written.

    Good luck in the writing process and I hope “the one” for you will make it in any capacity you choose its destiny to be!

  2. You are spot-on, Heather.

    Every bit of time, from showering to microwaving an egg, I am thinking about the story. Where will it go? How does this or that question find an answer? When moments like these fill up the minutes, I know the story has turned into a passion that must be pursued.

    Speaking of deadlines, I need one for my current WIP. I wrote two books last year and now I feel a little more relaxed about it all.

    – Julie

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