One chapter away from “The End”

Yup, that’s where I am. I am facing the final chapter in my book, deciding how to bring it to a close and wondering how it’s going to feel to finally send it out to iUniverse for them to work their magic—or at least turn it into a professional-looking, attractive, and sellable product.

But first I have to write that last chapter, do one last reorganizing of the content and then adios. I’ve typed “the end” before but only on works of fiction. Those went sailing into slush piles everywhere and returned with some acceptances for the short stories and some encouraging “no’s” for the longer works. But this is not the same. When this book is finished it’s going to be published, albeit by me, and is going out there to sink or swim depending on my marketing efforts and a dollop of dumb luck. This is a very different consequence for all my work—a guaranteed actual book in my hands.

This consequence changes the game a little. It’s only my editorial eye and my gut that make the final decision, that says “You’re done; there’s nothing left to do. Send it out.” In the non-self-publishing world there are editors and agents to guide the work to its publishable state. I’m making all those decisions myself.

And the first decision of many comes now. I decide I’m finished. I write my last chapter and say good-bye.

Am I ready? Yes.

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