Joywriting and the To-Do List

After finishing a busy end-of-semester week very tired and with little energy or ambition, I faced the weekend with no other goals than to relax, watch the Players’ Championship and indulge in some DVDs with the family. The weather cooperated by being too cold, rainy and windy to do much else. My goal, which I admit was not set too high, was achieved and now I am working on the coming week’s To-Do list.

I have 18 items on my list so far, and I know that more will be added as my first, real, school’s-out week progresses. But there’s one thing missing. Joywriting. This word was coined by the son of my friend, Jean Mills. To quote her blog Joywriting 101, “it’s when you turn your attention to the project that is calling your name, the fun project, the one that allows you to escape this world and enter the imaginary one that only you inhabit.”

Last week, I came across another blog at Writer Unboxed by guest blogger, Heather Reid. She urged writers to “write for the sheer joy of it.” Her words plus the memory of Jean’s blog were enough to make me look at the To-Do list again.

The problem with my list is that it covers chores, writing jobs, and commitments for the entire week—every one of which I will put before joywriting. This morning, I’m going to actually add it to the list and get out the calendar and carve out some joywriting time this week.

Do you have strategies for keeping joywriting in your life? I’d love to learn how you make it work.

3 thoughts on “Joywriting and the To-Do List

  1. The To-Do List seems to be winning right now, but I’m not giving up hope. Sometimes the Joywriting happens in my head – but I think that counts. I’m living with characters, working out plot challenges, hearing the story take shape. When I get to my keyboard or notebook, I’ll be ready. That’s an achievement too!

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