Writing Prompts

If you’re in a summer writing slump, here are some writing prompts to help you take a fresh slant at your current project, or maybe inspire a new one.

  1. How does your main character (MC) accept a compliment? What is your MC a little (a lot) vain about?
  2. Put an obstacle in your MC’s way by changing the weather. Introduce some high winds into the story. How do they affect your MC? Stop an escape with a fallen tree? Blow sand into MC’s eyes? Make so much noise the MC can’t sleep. Signal a weather change and send MC down with a migraine?
  3. Think about the different forms of “power.” Personal, financial, political, power of nature, power of the weak, superpower, electrical, etc. What power is in the hands of the antagonist or the MC’s family, friends, lover that make the MC’s task even harder? What power does the MC exert on others?
  4. Brainstorm or free write around one or all of the following words: glass, willow, tile, edge, ring
  5. What stories would you write for these titles? In Cold Blood, Twice Shy, The Winter Sea, Cat Among the Pigeons, The Most Dangerous Game, The Sound of Thunder

 Have fun with your writing projects. If you try one of these, I’d love to know how it turns out.

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompts

  1. Summer is not always the easiest time to write. Just too many distractions. Still it is our job to work through the difficult times even if it seems we don’t accomplish a great deal.

    I have never used a writing prompt. Why not? I’m not sure. But these ideas kind of have me thinking. Thanks for the little nudge.

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