New Neighbours

We have new neighbours. A family of five has taken over our front porch and we’re going to be watching them closely over the next few weeks. We’ll also be cleaning bird droppings and avoiding using the front door for a few weeks, too. Ain’t nature grand.

The lid fell off our ancient porchlight in one of many episodes of high spring winds, and the bulb blew shortly thereafter. Now our carriage-style light is stuffed to overflowing with dead grass and has this tidy little nest perched on top of it. My job is to take regular photos to keep my mom, who loves watching birds, up to date on the progress of the activities in the nest.

I’ve been so eager for signs of spring this year. The weather has been highly uncooperative with few warm sunny days, lots of cold nights, gloomy skies and even snow. My daffodils survived two snowfalls long after leaves and buds were established, and they’ve been tossed by 75 km winds and battered by hail as well. I’m surprised they didn’t just lie down and give up. I know I’ve been ready, too, on more than one occasion. Even under gray skies, my maple trees are budding, a stray hyacinth bulb that got included when someone passed along some unwanted day lilies is blooming, and the neighbour’s forsythia is finally yellow.  

So I’ve learned something from my new neighbours. Spring isn’t just in the sunshine. It’s in the persistence of life to keep bending with the wind, blooming and growing, and in my robins’ case, make something broken into something special. Smart aren’t they.

What are the signs of spring that you watch for? (And if you have any tips for removing bird droppings from concrete, please let me know!)

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  1. We’ve only had a few warm days this spring, too. Lots of rainy, cold weather, but as you say, “spring isn’t just in the sunshine.”

    Recently, the trees swallows have returned and are building nests in our birdhouses. There is something so precious about a bird’s nest with eggs inside.. Almost magical! Love the photo!

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