Mixed Bag

It’s the end of a great week in Southampton. I’ve had the pleasure of working with three young writers and seeing their creativity at work at the Southampton Art School.  I also got to share my classroom with artist, Mark Thurman, and watch the progress of his cartooning students and enjoy the walls filled with his illustrations.

I had planned to do some creative writing of my own, but it didn’t happen. As a teacher, I often find that my mind is full of my students’ stories instead of mine, so it can be tough to put creative pen to paper. I put together a proposal for a textbook instead, which called for a different set of writing muscles. I also caught up on emails and read and read and read. I’m reading my first Amanda Quick novel and finished two more by another author new to me, Barbara Cleverly. I also treated myself to a revisit of A&Es Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Lovely.

This week, I was sent this link to a great piece by William Zinsser that I passed along via Twitter–Zinsser at his best on writing good English. Drop by and give it a read, though I know I’m preaching to the converted. http://www.theamericanscholar.org/writing-english-as-a-second-language/

Hope your week was as good as mine. Have a great weekend.

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    • I’ve been learning that lesson this summer: take what life sends your way. It’s been a good lesson. My next week is shaping up to be a very busy one. Hope your next week has more of the balance you’re looking for. : )

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