Talking Writing with Writers

Once a month I realize how lucky I am. I belong to an organization called the Professional Writers Association of Canada, and am the president of our local branch. I’m lucky, because once a month we have a meeting at my house and I get to spend the evening with other writers.  Aside from the fact that it also means that, at least, the main floor of my house gets clean, it’s a real pleasure to talk writing with other writers.

I know my family loves me and supports my writing life, but no matter how much love and understanding comes my way, they just don’t quite get it. My fellow writers “get it.” They get that it’s actually normal to be excited about a rejection letter because it contained a personal note of encouragement from an editor. My husband says, “But it’s a rejection!” while I’m fist pumping at what, for me, is a breakthrough moment.

Tonight is one of those nights when the writers gather in my (clean!) livingroom and share what they’re working on, what they need help with, and what’s ahead in their writing life. Amid the tea and goodies, we share the ups and downs of the freelance writing profession with humour and support, knowing that everyone in the room “gets it.”


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  1. It is always wonderful for a writer to spend time with other writers. Until very recently I never had that privileged and never understood the importance. Have a wonderful time, Heather,

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