Organizing 2012

Moira Allen’s site Writing-World is a site for writers of all genres and levels of development to find great articles and tips. At this link today ( you can find several versions of a free writer’s calendar and a submission tracker. If you’ve made a resolution this year to get organized, these might be just what you need.

I use a similar calendar template from Word to keep my life organized. I print daily pages and keep them in a binder on my desk, and I have calendars that show the whole month so I can glance at deadlines, appointments, etc. easily. I’m a pen and paper person, and I like to organize things by writing them down. I also really enjoy the satisfaction of crossing tasks off once they’re completed. (To-do lists are my friends.) I’m going to use the PDF version of Moira’s calendar this year. It has all the space I need, plus the addition of a regular writerly quote to keep me inspired.

What tools do you use to organize your life, writerly or otherwise? If you have some tips, please share them. We can all use a more organized 2012!

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