Random Acts of Kindness for Writers Week

Okay, I admit that I’m slow, and that the week ends today, and I just found out about it,


I still want to send out my thanks to the amazing writers that belong to the Waterloo Region and Guelph branches of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. I have never attended a meeting without feeling inspired and informed. Freelancing is a lonely business, and the support I have received from fellow sufferers members has been wonderful over the years.

I began as a neophyte and with their help I have learned to hone my web copy, conduct professional interviews, refine my photography skills, write better query letters, find markets for my feature ideas, and so, so much more. They eagerly look for ways to make their work better and for ways to find new clients, and unselfishly share everything they have learned.

I should also add a shout out to the PWAC members whom I have met infrequently and to those that I have never met all across Canada who contribute their expertise so generously to the listserves that are sponsored by the organization. Thank you for never letting a  question go unanswered.

Thanks fellow PWAC writers. May the contracts pour in and the editors be kind and may I be able to help you all someday as you have helped me.

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