Sleepless, Clueless, Museless

Okay, I’m sure ‘museless’ isn’t a word, but if you’re a writer you know what I mean. I’m becoming an expert at staring into space and writing at a speed of about 2 sentences an hour. That doesn’t count the shopping list that I wrote much more quickly–and I forgot when I went to the store.

Hypnos, the god of sleep, has been conspicuous by his absence for several days, and therefore, my ‘cluelessness,’ which in my case entails having hotdogs for lunch and then leaving the package on the counter for the afternoon instead of putting it in the fridge. Did you know that washing machines actually need to have a button pushed before they start working? Or that the dryer door will keep popping open (after you walk away) until you finally notice that the pyjama bottoms lying on top of it are being shut in the door and it’s really not closed? It took forever to get those towels dry.

Days of the week have been a challenge, too. Hence the not-so-patient explanation from my son at my surprise that he arrived home on time yesterday. “Today is Wednesday, Mom. I said I’d be late home on Thursday.” And he did. Several times. Duh.

And I’ve lost my watch–and at least 2 phones–the cordless kind that work on our landline.

So early to bed tonight so I can renew my acquaintance with my laptop tomorrow and get more accomplished than warm thighs. And, hopefully, with the fog cleared, I’ll track down the missing phones and my watch (though the one I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart for $5 is working fine.)

If you have days like this, please let me know. I’d like to believe I’m not alone.

Keep your fingers crossed. I’m going to post this and attempt to cook dinner!

PS – No matter how often I proofread these blogs, they always go out with a clunking great typo in them that I miss until they’re published. For those who subscribe, my apologies in advance.

6 thoughts on “Sleepless, Clueless, Museless

  1. I’ve had a number of days like that. More than I care to think of. However, leaving the rat-race behind and moving to a small village in the south of France … The lifestyle is so different. The only sleepless nights here are scheduled. A five night music festival in my village and it runs until about 5:00am each night! C’est la vie! it is only once a year.
    Bon courage et bon chance!

  2. Sounds like a case of brain flatulence to me.. I swear you weren’t the inspiration for my last post. It had been sitting in my folder for months..

    Fortunately each day brings with it a chance for us to start all over, the slate is clear. Hope that was the case with you. 🙂

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