July Writing Prompts

1. Yesterday was July 1st, Canada Day, and here that means celebrating all things Canadian. In our family, that means a barbeque and a bocce ball tournament, and birthday cake for my mom who had the sense to immigrate to a country who had a national holiday on her birthday. In a couple of days our neighbours to the south (and also west to make sure that Alaska and Hawaii are included) will celebrate July 4th and their independence from the British crown (whose current representative is on our money.) When is your national holiday? How do you celebrate? What makes you proud of your country or the country that you call home now? How do the characters in your story feel about their country or the one that they’ve adopted through choice or necessity?

2. Use one, some, or all of the following words to spark a story or poem: sand, cry, gust, hope, flame, rocks.

3. Try one of these opening sentences:

  • The buzzards squabbled for supremacy.
  • Eleanor studied her hands for a moment, choosing the right words to say next.
  • “Jim. Put the knife down.”
  • I took a deep breath. If I was going to tell a lie, it might as well be a big one.”
  • Lily hunched her shoulders against his words

4. See where these lines of dialogue take you.

  • “When did you see him last?”
  • “Yesterday.”
  • “And he was still alive?”
  • “When will it be ready?”
  • “Tomorrow.”
  • “I was hoping for today.”
  • “We all were.”
  • “Well we all’s life doesn’t depend on it. Mine does.”


  • “Have you seen Roger?”
  • “No. I haven’t.”
  • “He should have been back ages ago.”
  • “You’re right.”
  • “You’re supposed say, ‘Don ‘t worry. He’ll be fine.'”

5. Freewrite around one, some, or all of these words to create a story or poem: umbrella, blade, grip, water, post, forest, sign

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