Social Media Decisions and Questions

Hi Everyone,

I’ve finally taken the leap and created a Facebook page for Heather Wright Writer. It’s a place for me to share links to articles that I think will be useful to other writers. I belong to a number of groups where I’ve posted these links in the past, but the groups have become more “buy my book” groups with most of the posts being along those lines and that’s not where I want to be.

On my page, I try to post a link to something useful and writerly every day or two, so you’ll only hear from me once a day at the very most–and I won’t be using it to post advertising promos about my books. I might offer a link to a free chapter, but that would probably be it. Please follow along if you think you would be interested.

I’m on Twitter, too, if you’d like to follow @hwrightwriter. Once again, you can look at my list of recent posts and see that I don’t send out automated sales messages every 2 hours and rarely do any book promotion unless it’s to specific groups that I think will find my work useful. If you want to read someone who (better than I) expresses her dismay at the use of Twitter for bombarding people with marketing messages, drop by Kristen Lamb’s excellent blog and see what I mean.

How are you handling your social media choices? Do you have more than one FB page or blog or Twitter account? How do you feel about book marketing on social media? Do you buy books based on Twitter marketing blurbs?

2 thoughts on “Social Media Decisions and Questions

  1. I rarely follow an author on twitter unless it’s someone I know from blogging or facebook. I usually find that authors are really just interested in tweeting about their book and trying to interest people in buying it. I dumped a bunch of twitter folks becasue of it. They and no interest in interacting with me as a person.That said, I’m rarely on twitter these days. I can barely keep up with blogging at the moment. I am hoping to get tweeting again once the weather turns cold. As you know, I have a facebook page, but honestly, as another author said to me, people are more interested in “friending” them then joining their page. I tend to agree. The people who have joined my page are the ones who interact with me on my regular FB account. I’m not so sure at the moment how effective social media is when it comes to marketing, at least for me. I’m sure others differ in their opinions.

    • It’s all a matter of giving things a try, at the moment. My goal for September is a major cull of the people I follow (especially writers) who post every two hours with ads for their work. I enjoyed Twitter when I first began using it, but now I scroll through far too many ads until I find the people I want to respond to or links I want to open. All of these social media options are tools, and I’m in the process of learning how to use them in a way that works for me. Good luck with your writing and I’m looking forward to more of your great blog posts.

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