October Writing Prompts

I love October. Where I live, it means rainy and foggy days mixed with days of glorious sun and the bright colours of changing leaves. It’s also birthday month for my husband and me and our anniversary. Lots of excuses not to cook dinner! Who could ask for more?

I’ve created some October writing prompts to keep you busy now, and perhaps thinking ahead to NaNoWriMo. Are you thinking of signing up this year? I might sign up, just to post a running writing record for the month–and not worry about the word count. Just doing the writing at all will be a big enough accomplishment.

Here you go–

1. Try these opening sentences and see what happens.

  • “Can you see that, too?”
  • The cellar floor was damp and cold, and after two hours, my body felt the same.
  • Halloween isn’t for ghost and monsters; it’s for bullies.
  • The rain drenched my clothes and slapped my hair into my face, but I couldn’t stop now.
  • The trick would be getting into the party unnoticed. The treat would be finally getting even.

2. Freewrite around one, some or all of the following: moon, apple, paper, echo, scent, running, cat

3. See if you can find inspiration in things orange and black: pumpkins, cats, sunsets, midnight, tigers, Baltimore orioles, paint, licorice, chrysanthemums, warning lights, jelly beans.

4. Here is some dialogue to play with.

  • “What’s in the bag?”
  • “None of your business.”
  • “But–“
  • “But nothing. You’re safer not knowing.”


  • “Let me help you.”
  • “I’m fine thanks.”
  • “Everyone can use a little help.”
  • “Ow! That hurts!”

Hope your October is off to a great start!

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