December Writing Prompts and Challenge Update

Flags at DeerhurstYesterday, I completed Day 14 of my daily writing challenge. There were a couple of days last week when I really just wanted to forget it and have a nap, but I was very happy that I persisted–not because I created a particularly riveting piece of prose, but just because I wrote something instead of nothing. Yup. That was all it took to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Here are some writing prompts for you for December, and if you don’t find these inspiring, I’ve just posted another 20 at Have a creative December!

1. December brings the year to an end, and if the Mayans were right … no, I really don’t believe that. Here are some song titles  that might inspire a story: End of Night, End of the Road, My Endless Love, End of Time, Last Waltz, My Last Breath, Last Child, Last Time, The Last Night.

2. Use one, some of all of these words in a story: pine, snow, wind, crack, red, dead leaves, flame.

3. Here are some opening lines:

A dead battery was the least of my problems that morning.

Jim said he’d checked the cottage yesterday. It wasn’t like him to forget to lock the door.

Beth put her mug down with a thud and jumped up from the table. She really had heard it. It wasn’t her imagination.

Dry leaves scuttered across the driveway.

I hated it when snow fell horizonally.

Chris woke to the sound of crying. It was 3 o’clock in the morning and he’d been alone when he went to bed.

4. Use one, some or all of these words in a story: chimes, midnight, window, stone, willow, song

5. Try one of these “seasonal”story titles: The Holly and the Slimy, In the Creep Midwinter, Siren Night, Shiver Bells, Snowfall Blues, Black Ice, Gifts, Holly’s Heart, New Years and No Tears, Ribbons and Robin.

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