March 2013 Writing Prompts

Feb. 28, 2013The photo shows how February said goodbye in my part of the world. The snow looked very pretty yesterday morning, but once you’ve admired the view, the realities of shovelling the stuff lessen the glow a little. And after the plow has gone by and filled in the end of the driveway–again–the white stuff, now slush 2 feet high and weighting what seems like a ton, has definitely lost its appeal.

So, I’m more than ready to welcome March today. Though the temperatures will be registering in the minus 10s Celsius, the forecast holds no snow–and I and my very sore back are truly grateful.

Here are some writing prompts for the month to keep help you creative while you wait for spring.

1. Use one, some or all of these words in a story or poem.

a) milk, bulb, frame, grass, candle, brick. b) sack, nail cuff, page glass, leaf.

2. Try one of these opening sentences.

  • The noise was enough to wake the dead–except in Bill’s case.
  • Rainbows? And ponies? All I needed was a unicorn and all hope would be gone.
  • Helen shivered in spite of being dressed warmly for a late October midnight.
  • Whoever said “silence is golden” hadn’t heard the scream that preceded it.
  • Erik reined in his horse and saluted. “I’ve seen them.”
  • Light. Finally.

3. Try these pieces of dialogue and see what happens.

a) Pitir pointed to the east. “Sandstorm, sir?”

I followed his gaze. “I think I would prefer it. The wind’s coming from the west.”

b) Did you see that?


Good. Then I’ll pretend I didn’t see it either.

c) Stop.


The price is too high.

d) Pass me that will you?

I can’t.


It’s stuck.

4. Here are some titles. What story or poem might go with them?

The Lion and the Lamb, By the Book, Table for Three, King’s Chance, In the Cards, Heart’s Winter, Counting Down, Clean Sweep.

5. Here are some things that are commemorated by their own day or week in March. Some were a suprise to me. Can you think of something that would be fun to celebrate in March? What kind of event would you host?

St. Patrick’s Day, Vernal Equinox, Easter, Passover, World Kidney Day, International Woman’s Day, National Frozen Food Month, National Peanut Month, National Bubble Week, National Crochet Week, National Pig Day, If pets had thumbs day, Be Nasty Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, Potato Chip Day, Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, Waffle Day, Something on a Stick Day and March 14 (3.14) is National Pi Day.


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  1. Snow can be lovely in a photo… Thanks for all the great suggestions. I shall have to wait until tomorrow to see where they will take me as the sunshine is calling… It is too nice a day to be inside. 🙂

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