Memories of Last SpringWelcome to the beginning of a new month. I’ve started my recent writing challenge (see previous post) and am looking forward to a month of daily writing and creativity.

Here are some writing prompts for April.

1. Use one, some, or all of these words in a story or poem.

a) robin, melody, fence, puddle, trunk, sigh

b) clip, branch, green, boot, window, call

c) meadow, snow, range, leaf, creep, sight, wonder

2. Here are some story/novel titles. Can you think of a story that might go with them?

Branching Out, Last to Die, Broken Glass, Heart’s Journey, Runner Smith, The Dread, Mystery on the Grand, Time’s Window, I Wish I May.

3. See if you can start a story with one of these sentences. Maybe one could work as the end of a story, too.

a) That’s blood.

b) Soon I’ll never have to answer that phone again.

c) I thought you two had already met.

d) I specialized in white lies.

e) Chris! Get that thing out of the way right now!

4. Here are a couple of exchanges of dialogue that might inspire you.

a) I’m tired.

You’re just saying that because you’re bored.

Okay. I’m bored and tired.

b) I thought he was supposed to be here by now.

Cut him some slack, will you?

And he’s earned that how?

c) What’s in your hand.

It’s mine. I found it.

Let me see.

I hope you have a creative month ahead and that you get the chance to enjoy some lovely spring weather. Today we’re in horizontal snow broken by sunshine and fat gray clouds racing across a blue sky. The wind is whistling down the chimney, and I’m actually thinking of lighting the gas fire. All I can say is, “Hurry up Spring!”

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