Bouquet of Three Awards–Very Cool!

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It was such a nice treat  to open my blog comments and see this note from blogger, Jessica: “I have nominated you For The Bouquet Of Three Award! For more information please go here to my blog post Take care and congrats!” Jessica, I’m thrilled that you picked me. Thank you! Thank you!

Needless to say, I scooted over and found a great blogger, whom I’m now following, and the scoop on the award. It goes like this:

~Below Are The Rules~

1.  Display your award picture, on a blog post. Done

2.  Thank the person who nominated you, link them back in your post. Done

3.  Pass the nomination on to 15 bloggers you have recently discovered.

I don’t have 15 on my list, but here are a few that you might like to check out and to whom I’d like to send these awards:

Kristi Holl

Kristi’s blogs are always inspiring and seem to always tell me what I need to hear, just when I need to hear it.

Lisa Maccoll

Lisa’s frank, touching and funny blogs are a pleasure to read.

Laura Best

I love reading Laura’s posts for her insights into her writing and the joys in her life.

Teens Can Write Too

This blog is nominated because I truly believe in empowering teens to write.


4.  Finally share 7 things about yourself.

1. I am a terrible sailor. I can get sea sick on a calm lake. And yes, of course, my husband owns a sail boat. I’m all about the shore.

2. I reread books all the time. At bedtime, I don’t want to read something that really involves me because it would keep me up reading when I really need to sleep. So I choose Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngiao Marsh and just drift away.

3. I like to listen to music when I’m writing, as long as it doesn’t have words or isn’t the melody of a tune that I know the words to. I do listen to Gregorian chants, but they don’t count, because the only Latin phrases I know are are the mottos to my high school, ex oriente lux, and my university, veritas omnia vincit.  When I’m driving, I listen to just about anything: country music, classical, CBC, easy listening–I just keep pushing the presets until I find something I like.  And if I hit upon something I know, I sing along–loudly!

4. I don’t enjoy cooking. Enough said.

5. I love to knit and crochet and would love to learn more about how to paint with watercolours. I did a little painting a long time ago and really enjoyed it. It’s on the ‘when I retire list.’

6. I have never owned a dog, but this year I want to change that. We don’t have room for a big dog, and our family needs one with a fairly docile temperment, and we will definitely be considering our local shelter first. Lots more research and planning to do until the big day.

7. My favourite authors are Jacqueline Winspear, Susanna Kearsley, Louise Penny and Laurie King, and, lucky me, they all have books out this year!

Done! Whew! And thanks again Jessica. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for nominating me, Heather. I did enjoy learning more about you. Sounds as though you’ll be doing a lot of reading this year, perhaps while your husband is off sailing. 😉

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