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Wordpress map of visitorsJust want to say thanks to all those who come from all over the world to visit my site every day. I’m thrilled that you find some of the resources here useful. I’d love to know more about you, what you teach or write, and how you use the resources here. Please leave a comment and say “Hi.”

For those who go to the Writing Prompts tab a lot, I’ll be uploading some new prompts by the end of the week to give you something new to work/play with.

Below is a list of the countries that visited the site in the last 30 days. Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by.

United States 664
Canada 112
United Kingdom 108
Australia 87
New Zealand 42
France 20
India 16
Ireland 10
Philippines 7
Sri Lanka 6
Republic of Korea 5
Saudi Arabia 5
Spain 5
Belgium 5
Pakistan 5
Thailand 5
Argentina 5
Mexico 5
Indonesia 4
Germany 4
Singapore 4
United Arab Emirates 4
Bangladesh 3
Egypt 3
Nigeria 3
South Africa 3
Nepal 3
Trinidad and Tobago 2
Hong Kong 2
Malaysia 2
Peru 2
Brazil 1
Japan 1
Serbia 1
Slovakia 1
Slovenia 1
Marshall Islands 1
Afghanistan 1
Austria 1
Jamaica 1
Saint Lucia 1
Romania 1
Hungary 1
Iceland 1
Bahrain 1
Algeria 1
Switzerland 1
Italy 1

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Dropping By!

  1. People keep coming back because you give them something they value. Keep up the good work!

    While not a teacher, I have taught Anger Management, Parenting and a number of other courses that fall into a therapists domain. As for writing, I have two blogs. One is about France and the other is basically poetry. However, there are more attempts stashed away in the computer.

    • Thanks, Lea. I’m finding one blog/site enough to manage at the moment. My professional freelance work site is more static, thank heavens. Love your photos and thoughts of France. Always a pleasure to read!

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