Friday Wrap-Up and July 2013 Writing Prompts

A Tagxedo view of my website.
A Tagxedo view of my website.

It’s a long weekend here, and I don’t expect to be spending a lot of time with the laptop, so I thought I’d publish the July prompts a bit early.

The week’s been full of interviews for articles, very hot weather, lots of errands, and a draft of a short story for middle readers. Looking back there was a lot of sitting in front of a fan with a cold drink, too. We’re looking forward to a barbeque with family on the weekend, and maybe a game of golf, along with celebrating my mom’s 85th birthday. She gets teased that the main reason she immigrated to Canada was to get a holiday on her birthday.

Hope those of you who have some special holidays and events over the coming week have a fabulous time with family and friends.

Here are the July prompts.

1. Use one, some or all of the following words in a story, scene or poem:

Coffee, star, pen, match, envy
Park, window, fear, strand, frame

2. Try one of these sentences to begin a story.

a) Mud bubbled and spat.
b) Matt fell against the bars.
c) “Table for thirteen, please.”
d) Our call ended with a bang.
e) I loved flying.
f) Pat straightened another picture frame.

3. See what scenes these lines of dialogue suggest to you.

Do all dragons breathe fire?
Not all.
What about this one?

Why do you suppose we’re all here?
I only know what I’ve been told.
And what’s that?
Don’t ask questions.

The hard drive crashed.
I warned you.

It’s not like it is on TV is it?
Not much is, kid.

That’s not how you do that.
And you know better?
Show me.

4. Create a story to go with one of these titles: Peter Piper Picked Me, Left Over, Wheel of Misfortune, On the Shelf, Search and Rescue, Call Me Never, Book Room, Full Plate, Brush-Off, Keeping Casey.

5. Do you ever want to write down your dreams so you can remember them, or are they the kind of dreams that you want to forget as soon as possible? How does your character feel about his or her dreams? Describe a nightmare that your character might have. Think about what that nightmare says about your character and his or her past or present.

Have a great weekend!

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