Four Years Old!

HelleboresI just got a notice from WordPress saying that I’d registered with them four years ago. Wow! That seems like a very long time.

When I began blogging, I focused on two of my loves: knitting and writing. That quickly evolved into just writing,  and then lately,  I combined my writing blog with the website that I created for teen writers and their teachers, and also to promote my books. Fortunately,  Wordpress made that last move very easy.

It’s been fun sharing my thoughts about writing, along with my thoughts about frustrations, and lessons learned, and books I’ve read, and challenges I’ve faced, and whatever has taken my fancy. I don’t find writing about myself an easy thing to do. I guarantee that you’ll never read that I published a personal essay–ever! But writing this blog has become easier, and it’s been wonderful chatting with some of you, too, through your comments. Thanks for taking the time to leave a few words.

This past week has been crazy busy, with a big new writing project added to the mix that I’m frantically working on to finish by Friday. All good. I’m taking the next two weeks off, though I’ll likely touch base here, just to say “hi”. I’ll be glad of a break when this week is done!

I hope that you are busy, too, in a good way, and that you are making progress on your writing projects, or are finding the patience to put them on hold for a bit while life sorts itself out. (I speak from a lot of experience there.)

Here’s to another 4 years!

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