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School Supplies 3Thanks to all of you who signed up for my mailing list to learn more about my upcoming book, Writing Fiction: A Handbook for Pre-Teen Writers. As I was finishing creating my last link on the bonus page this morning, the 100th person signed up for the mailing list. I’m taking that as a sign. 🙂 Those on the mailing list will be getting an email today with a link to the bonus material. Please let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

Things are chugging along on the editing front, but I thought I’d take a moment to share the Table of Contents of the book, so that you’d all know what I’ve been working on lately. It is a labour of love, I assure you.

If you would like to know when the book comes out, please fill out the following form. I promise that you will not be bombarded with spam emails, just the odd thing that I come across that you might find useful, such as a sample chapter or a link to a great writing resource. Thanks!

Writing Fiction: A Handbook for Pre-Teen Writers


Getting Started       



What do I need to be a writer?   


Habits and Goals

Choosing Your Goal

Writing Every Day

Don’t Miss a Word

Write with a Friend or Two


Pantser or Plotter: Which are you?


Where do I get ideas for stories?

What if?

Write What You Know

Pick 4 Words


Writing Prompts


Plotting Tips

Basic Rule of Plotting

Story Planning


Plotting with the Hero’s Journey


How do I start my story?  


Who should tell the story?

Point of View: First Person

Point of View: Second Person

Point of View: Third Person


How do I describe my characters?

Show Don’t Tell

Change Is Good

Character List


How do I describe the setting?

Think about how much you really have to describe.

Use Comparisons

Get the Senses Involved

Draw a Map or Use Photos


How do I write dialogue?


How do I end my story?


How do I make my writing better?

Revising and Editing



Combining Sentences



What do I do when a story gets stuck?

1. Outline.

2. Forget about making the first draft perfect.

3. Write more than one story at a time.

4. Put the story away.

5. Brainstorm.

6. Ask “What if?”

7. Don’t worry.

 Last Words







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  1. Heather, what a special person you are. You are training our future writers and we shall not be lacking for good reads if they have followed your guidelines. Thank you!

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