Dude! Short Stories for Boys

Dude! An Anthology of Short Stories for Boys

Say hi to my latest book written with co-writer and friend, Jean Mills. You can read more about Jean here and here.

We’ve known each other since our two boys were in JK together. Jean is an experienced children’s writer, and like me, always looking for stories for boys that are just plain fun to read. Not edgy. Not preachy. Just fun, interesting stories. One day we decided we would just write the stories we were looking for and Dude! represents our first collection. We’ve included a range of genres, such as science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery, sports and historical fiction–a young Sherlock Holmes even makes an appearance! The second volume is “under construction” and promises more sports, fantasy, time travel, and adventure.

Though written first for the enjoyment of young readers, Dude! has the potential to be used effectively in classrooms for readers in grades 6 through 9.

Dude! is available at most online bookstores and can be purchased in paperback or ebook format. Here are some links:





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