Writing Prompts for April, 2017

Writing Prompts for April 2017

Yay, it’s April! April always seems so hopeful. You believe that soon it will be the last frosty night, the last snowy day, the last time that you have to wear boots, the last time the heat goes on in the car, … you get the idea. I’m experiencing spring in Florida this year–ten days escape to Orlando/Gainesville, and what a shock to the system. It’s 90 here! Yikes! And around 45 at home. Returning will be quite a shock. I will miss the green and the sun on bare shoulders, but I will also enjoy the slow return to green, my daffodils blooming, wide open windows, and driving my mom to various nurseries to stock her garden.

I hope that you have a writerly April ahead and that you find some inspiration in the writing prompts below. Have fun!

Choose one group and use one, some or all of the words in a story or poem.

  • Traffic, hurry, roar, wind, blue, anxious
  • Branch, hollow, creek, hide, breath, thunder
  • Change, cold, sudden, sky, grey, sparrow

Use one of the following sentences to begin your story.

  • “Where have you been?”
  • Dead leaves crackled in the wind.
  • “If you don’t decide, I will.
  • Lights were one. The cottage was supposed to be empty.
  • The sound waves from the rocket pounded my chest.
  • Helen was sure she’d locked the door when she left.
  • The dark came too slowly.

Try one of these titles for a story or poem.

Open Until Doomsday, The Scarlet Knight, The River Adventure, Ten Times Ten, The Forever Wish, Race, My Aunt was a Pirate, Flight, Keeper’s Gate, Last Promise, The Door.

Use one of the following short dialogues to create a unique scene.

  • I thought we were resting here.
  • We can’t. We have to keep going.
  • Why?
  • Look.


  • Spiders!
  • Ignore them.


  • Why hasn’t anyone rescued us?
  • Just give them time.
  • You don’t have time.
  • Then it doesn’t matter, does it?


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