Writing Prompts for May 2017

Sorry I’m a little late posting this month, but my mom fell last week, and I’ve been busy visiting the hospital and doing daughter things, so time for creativity is gone for a while. Thankfully, my mom is on the road to recovery, but it will be slow—88-years-old with a fractured pelvis. Fortunately, the break is weight-bearing which may speed up recovery a little bit. Life happens, and we’re very grateful for a positive prognosis. Deep breath! Onward!

Here are the writing prompts for May.

Use one, some, or all of the words in these groups to write a story or poem.

  • Race, blur, red, strain, edge, finish
  • Blue, horizon, run, castle, horses, escape
  • Sun, sultry, black, clouds, thunderstorm, heat
  • Angry, words, disappointed, leave, never, new

Here are some opening sentences to get you started:

  • You checked first? Right?
  • Sometimes only a very few words can hurt.
  • I stared at the doctor. I must have misheard what he said.
  • Even the weather was against us.
  • I wished I could have yesterday as a do-over.
  • Rain soaked through our clothes.
  • No one needed that much money.
  • I thought Henry was on this watch.
  • Some words should never be carved in stone.

Here are some titles that might inspire a story or poem:

Remembering Times Past, New Shoes, The Win, Helen’s Dream, The House on Henry Street, Windflowers, Passing Storms, Nursery Rhymes, The Wonder Kid, Murder Times Two, Serenity.

See if you can create a scene or a story around these lines of dialogue.

  • Keep out of there.
  • Sure. Okay.
  • I don’t like anyone messing with my stuff.


  • How long before we leave?
  • When it’s dark—and those men are out of sight.


  • Will I see you again?
  • Not for a while.
  • Why?
  • Unfinished business.


  • Shouldn’t those birds be flying south?
  • Not today.


  • Are we finished here?
  • Not until Henry says so.
  • Why is it up to him?

Hope you have a writerly month ahead!

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