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These quick guides were written for busy teachers, new teachers, and homeschoolers to help them with the most popular of Shakespeare’s plays.

These are the notes you wish that the previous teacher had left behind—the basics that you need to get on with your job: scene summaries, homework questions, backgrounds to the play and Shakespeare’s time, themes and essay topics.

Your teaching time is limited, but you want your students to get as much out of the text as possible in the short time in which you have to teach it. In your wildest dreams, you want them all to love it. At the least, (which isn’t a small thing at all) you want them to feel like competent readers with the ability to take on a new text and find the keys to understanding it.

Support material for the book’s content is below. To help you find what you need, the books are organized into 7 sections.

  1. Context – Where is the writer coming from? Shakespeare’s England and how it affects the content of the play.
  2. Key themes and images – What motifs does the writer use to develop the story?
  3. Format/Genre – What are some basic rules about the kind of material I am teaching?
  4. Scene-by-Scene – What do I need to explain to or bring out of my students as we read through this work? These sections are followed by some handy homework questions that you can assign the students while reading through the play.
  5. Topics for Journal Writing – How can I get students to think about a topic or a theme before they start reading? Assigning a journal topic can help. After they’ve explored an idea on their own, they often bring deeper insights to discussions.
  6. The 5-paragraph essay – What essay topics can I assign for this play? Here are a few five-paragraph essay topics that you can use for summative evaluation or for an exam, along with an essay-writing template, a sample essay, and links to evaluation rubrics
  7. Online Resources – Where can I find homework questions and answers, essay topics and creative projects for my students?

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5 paragraph essay planner

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    • The answers are explained pretty much in the scene summaries in the Busy Teachers Guide. Let me know if there are a couple you are stuck on, and I’ll be happy to help you with the answers.

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