Writing Prompts for April 2018

It will be a while until these are in bloom. Sigh. Writing Prompts for April 2018

Welcome to April! I hope you’re enjoying the longer days and that extra warmth in the sunshine. If you’re looking for some great resources on the craft of writing, marketing, editing, publishing, and the writing life, I encourage you to drop by The Writer’s Knowledge Base™ where you’ll find over 40,000 curated articles on every writing topic imaginable. This is my go-to resource when I’m looking for material for workshops and inspiration for my coaching clients. I hope you find the answers to your writing questions there, too.

Here are your writing prompts for April.

  1. Use one, some, or all of the words in one of these groups to create a story or poem.
  • Venture, pass, name, gale, last, copper
  • Plan, red, guide, tree, lost, under, walk
  • Time, truck, blue, late, race, mountain
  • Book, drop, sidewalk, green, park, leaf
  • Dog, shelter, evil, yellow, food, fear
  1. Here are some opening sentences that might inspire a story or two.
  • “It’s no big deal.”
  • Old songs are the best.
  • The scribe wiped the ink from his fingers.
  • Everybody lies, except Henry, and sometimes I wish he did.
  • “When did your eyes start to glow in the dark?”
  • I waited as long as I could.
  • It ends tomorrow.
  • “Just leave him/her alone!”
  • I swear that the eyes in his portrait followed my every move.
  • I liked things neat and tidy. Helen was driving me crazy.
  1. Perhaps one of these titles will help you find a story idea.

Looking for Hope, Your Number is Up, One Heart: Two Loves, The Spy Who Liked Ice Cream, Only One Choice, Last Dance, No Options, Hero’s Return, Packing Up, Incandescent.

  1. Here are some short dialogue excerpts. Choose one and see if you can write a scene around it.
  • I didn’t stay long.
  • Why not?
  • I know when I’m not welcome.


  • Did Helen ask you to come?
  • If I waited for an invitation, I’d never go anywhere.


  • Where were you?
  • I thought the meeting was cancelled.
  • Who said it was cancelled?
  • Henry.


  • Where’s the dragon?
  • He’s sleeping.
  • Still?
  • He was nearly killed yesterday, remember?


  • I’d like more information before I decide.
  • You know all you need to know.
  • I disagree. It’s my life that’s at risk here.


  1. What’s your favourite book? List some reasons why this book is your favourite. Use the items on your list to make an editing checklist for the book you are writing.

6. Make a numbered list of twenty items that you can see right now. Pick three random numbers                 between 1 and 20 and use those three items in a story.

Hope you have a writerly April!


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