If you’re a teen who loves to write, this is the website for you. I’ve put together a great list of writing prompts for teens here and for pre-teens here. The Links to Writing Resources tab has a lot of useful and fun links to sites that offer great advice and inspiration for young writers. Check the tab Where to Get Published for a list of links to sites that publish teen fiction and poetry.

Check out the free downloads, too, for pages that might help you organize your ideas or learn more about your characters.

I’d love to hear from you, so if you’re working on a project and have any questions or want to share a writing tip or a short piece of your writing, drop me a line or leave a comment on the Q&A page.

If you’re interested in self-publishing, check out the information below.

My newest release is A Journal for Teen Writers. Click on the cover photo to find out more. Check out the BOOKS FOR WRITERS tab for more journals and writing prompt books.

BookCoverPreview 2If you’re looking for a writing resource to keep on your desk or your tablet, Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens or Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens might just be the how-to-write book for you, too. Click on the book cover to find out more and read a couple of sample chapters.  Written writer-to-writer, these books will help you find story ideas, develop characters, write great dialogue, edit your work, get motivated, and find your way through to a finished project.Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens

Good luck with all your writing projects!






Self-Publishing Tips & Links

We’ll start with Amazon’s free publishing companies since Amazon has the world’s largest share of online ebook and printed book sales. Check this blog to see just how large that share is:
Kindle Direct Publishing: KDP produces ebooks for Kindle readers. If you publish your ebooks exclusively with them, there are opportunities to offer free promotions and sales that they will promote
Createspace: Publishes paperbacks, offers free cover design templates and ISBNs. Amazon has the world’s largest share of online ebook and printed book sales.

For your book to be sold by Chapters/Indigo, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or other online and brick and mortar bookstores, you need to choose other methods of publication.

Smashwords offers free ebook publication. Its catalogue reaches major distributors around the world, including Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Overdrive, Apple and Inktera. Smashwords supplies free ISBNs. You need a cover design.
Ingram Spark offers both paperback and ebook publication for a fee. Currently the cost is $49.00 US. You need to provide your own ISBN and cover design. ISBNs are free in Canada at  In the United States, there is a fee for ISBNs and the location to apply is here: Watch this site, because sometimes they have sales. When you publish through Ingram Spark, your book will be listed in the Ingram catalogue, which is a traditional source of book purchases for chain and independent bookstores.
To compare Createspace and Ingram check this blog by Giacomo Giammatteo:

For fantastic advice on self-publishing, check
Joanna Penn:
Jane Friedman:
Joel Friedlander:
Kristen Joy:

Also good to read:

Top Tips from Self-Published Authors “Blurb Stories is dedicated to exploring all facets of self-publishing, and from multiple perspectives. So this week we thought we’d offer some of our favorite advice on writing, publishing, and promoting, from some of the most respected self-published writers out there.

Elizabeth Spann Craig: Craig is a hybrid author, published traditionally as well as pursuing self-publishing. Her site has many thoughtful and helpful posts about being a hybrid author, as well as, about her ventures into audio books.

The Writers’ Knowledge Base: This is a fantastic search engine for writers. Here you’ll find many blogs by experts in the field of self-publishing and any other writing topic that you can imagine.

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