The Dragon’s Pearl and The Dragon’s Revenge: Fantasy Novels for Middle Readers


The Story:

Young ZiChan is fed up with his boring village life. On the annual hunt, he sneaks away from camp and gets more adventure than he bargained for. SuiTien, a dragon too weak and injured to resist, has been captured by the hunters, and he needs ZiChan to help him escape. The evil sorcerer, DaiMoSun, has stolen the dragon’s special pearl and plans to use its power to defeat the Emperor. ZiChan leaves village life behind, and he and SuiTien race against time to save the pearl and the empire.

Sample chapters are here.
The Dragon’s Pearl – Sample Chapters

For teachers and home schoolers, I’ve prepared a free teacher’s guide. Please send me a note using the email address under the Contact tab, and I’ll send you a copy as an attachment. The guide is a Word document that you can edit as you like to suit your students. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for other activities.

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The Dragon’s Revenge


The_Dragon's_Revenge_Cover_for_KindleFollowing the events of The Dragon’s Pearl, ZiChan is settling into a peaceful life with YuQuan at the palace. His peace doesn’t last long. 

The emperor is mysteriously ill, the future of the dragon’s kingdom is threatened, and the only person who can save both is ZiChan. A treacherous journey stands between him and the goal he must achieve.

To buy the paperback or Kindle version of The Dragon’s Revenge, please drop by Amazon. Here’s the link to my book on On August 27, 2014 check in with Amazon for a countdown deal offering bargain prices for The Dragon’s Revenge.

The teacher’s guide is still a work in progress!

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