coloring cover imageIf you’re looking for inspiration or help in building your daily writing habit, these books are for you.

Your writing process is your own, but sometimes you need to take a break from the screen and refocus for a while. The images in this book, combined with the words of other writers who have been where you are, have been created to help you find some inspiration, a little stress relief, and frankly, some play time. Enjoy! To learn more about how coloring, stress-relief and creativity are linked check these articles:


For some sample free coloring pages, click coloring pages for writers


A JOURNAL for Teen Writers combines the best of several worlds: motivating quotes from writers (many of them published as teens), brainstorming pages, 50 writing prompts to inspire your stories, PLUS some images for coloring and spaces for doodling to help clear your mind so you can be your most creative self. Think like Miss Frizzle—“take chances, make mistakes, get messy”—and use this journal to record your thoughts and to create the stories and poems that you want to read.


Check these other books for young writers, too.

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A writing resource for pre-teen writers



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201 Writing Prompts: The Journal gives you everything you need to beat writer’s block and get writing. With 100 journal pages and enough writing prompts to keep you inspired for months–or longer–it’s time to get writing and start fulfilling your writing dreams now.





Writing Prompts and More journal cover for croppingWriting Prompts and More: The Journal is more than just writing prompts, though you will find 100 split into four of its chapters. Each of the remaining seven chapters invites you to explore multiple ways to find your stories and bust writer’s block for good. With 100 journal pages included, you can start your creative journey now. I hope that journey’s end is the story you’ve always wanted to write.




front pageWrite Every Day: a journal for building Your Daily Writing Habit

The best way to reach your writing goals is to write every day. Research now says that it takes an average of 66 days to create a habit. Sixty-six days is a long time, but this journal is here to make sure you don’t have to build your writing habit alone. Filled with daily writing prompts (and even a few images for those who like to color their way to creativity), this journal has been designed to help you develop your daily writing habit with 66 days of inspiration and encouragement.

People write this about Heather’s writing prompts:

“Hi! I just wanted to say that these are the most helpful prompts I’ve ever read! They don’t tell you what to write about just things to spark ideas and it’s fantastic. I sincerely hope you write more soon!”

“I’ve been having writer’s block and this helped a lot. I don’t know what I would do without this website.”

201 Writing Prompts

201 Writing Prompts

All writers have those days when inspiration just seems to fly out the window–when the blank screen becomes a sadly accurate reflection of the sorry state of your imagination and you start your fourth game of FreeCell in ten minutes. Or you have a day when the current writing project just sits there like an ugly pile of February slush–all memories of the lovely white snow it started out as are gone, and all it’s good for is creeping in that one small hole in your boots and making your life miserable, wet and cold.
Some people call this writer’s block. I call it a temporary pause in the creative process–I call it a lot of other things, too, but I’d have to change the rating on this book if I printed them.
The writing prompts in this book are for those days.
But they’re also for the days when you just want to play with words. They’re for those times when you need to clear your brain of the messiness of your day and warm up before tackling the project that means so much to you. They can serve as prompts for your daily writing journal, too. Trust me, if you break them down into their individual components, you’ll have enough to last a year! Maybe you could share one with your writers’ group one night and enjoy the completely different stories that emerge from the same prompt.
How you use the prompts is up to you, but I encourage you to use them for whatever purpose works for where your writing is right now.

A sequel to 201 Writing Prompts, Writing Prompts and More offers writing prompts plus lots of other routes to creativity and getting your words on the page. Four chapters of the book hold 100 new writing prompts and the remaining seven chapters invite you to explore multiple ways into stories or give you ideas to help break through writer’s block. Writing prompts can inspire us with words and questions and, sometimes, photographs, but there are other sources that we can tap into to find our stories. I hope you enjoy working through these pages and that you find inspiration for the stories you want to write.


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