If Only …

I’ve got the “wish I’d done more” blues. I got a satisfying chunk of work done on my book over the Christmas break, but now that I’m in the midst of lesson prep for my new semester, I wish I’d done more.

Nothing is going as smoothly as I hoped. The course I’ve been assigned to teach on-line isn’t anywhere to be found on my on-line resources and 3 emails later I still have no answers from the college powers that be. More emails are on the agenda today. Another course requires me to teach new accounting software in 6 weeks time (after the students have mastered the system manually) but I can’t access any of the training programs on the internet site. “Someone is working on it.”

I knew I would be busy this week, but I also expected to be spending some time on the book. Writing time has disappeared into the mess of frustrations that abound right now and that have slowed lesson prep to glacial speed. And today is Wednesday already. Needless to say, large portions of Thursday and Friday will be consumed by meetings. I can feel my blood pressure rising now.


Take a hard look at the next 3 days and drag some writing time kicking and screaming out of the morass. It can and will be done. Yes, I’m a teacher, but I’m a writer, too. If I don’t honour that part of who I am, the teacher, let alone the mom, the wife and the person, won’t be worth much.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

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