Journals: A Confession

Not all of these journals are empty and I’ve had some for a few years. But still–embarrassing.

If you’re a knitter, you know what a stash is. It’s the collection of yarn that you plan to use “someday.” For some of the yarn you have definite plans; for some, you bought enough to actually make something but you’re not quite sure what it is yet. The rest can fall into a couple of categories–“too gorgeous not to pick up and I’ll find something to go with it later” and “just too good a bargain.” Where and how you store/hide the stash is a whole other story. (I speak from experience here.)

But I’m a writer, too, and I have another stash–of journals–empty journals. And I just bought another one. I simply can’t resist looking at them when I’m in stationery or gift stores. There’s actually a store in my town that specializes in paper, pens and journals. I avoid it.

I have small journals that fit in my purse and others that are larger than 8 1/2 x 11. Why so many? Just like the yarn, journals are a tactile purchase. I like the look and the feel of them. The paper has to be just right (not necessarily lined), and it needs to be comfortable to write in, and of course, I have to love the cover. I have a friend who can’t be without her moleskin journal. I prefer more flowery covers and brighter colours.

How do you choose a journal? Do you have more than one?

5 thoughts on “Journals: A Confession

  1. I know the feeling 🙂 I’ve got lots of journals, ranging from pocket-sized ones to average book-sized ones, including some very fancy looking ones. But in the end I prefer the most plain looking journals, simply because I know I won’t mind writing in them.

    The few fancy ones I own are on the shelf and won’t be used until I’m certain what I want to write in them – the question is if I’ll ever be certain about that and I don’t think I will. So in time I’ll have to convince myself that they too are meant to be used 🙂

    • So glad to know I’m not the only one with a collection. I know how you feel about the fancy ones. I never write on the first two pages of any journal, so that when I open it, it still looks tidy and my rambling scribbles don’t embarrass me right away. There goes another confession!

  2. I’m usually lured by flowers and bright colours, although sometimes I go for earthy colours depending upon my mood and what I want to use the journal for.

    There really is something special about opening a journal and writing that first word.

    • I agree, Laura. The mood I’m in or the mood of the piece I’m writing decides which journal I choose. Several of my journals have bits and pieces of stories and ideas in them. I go back and add a little more or start something new. Just choosing the one I’m going to use seems to open the door to possibilities. And anything that will help get me writing is a good thing.

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