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The writing challenge that I set myself 22 days ago is progressing well. I haven’t missed a day, though I pulled couple of late nights to make sure that I kept to my commitment. I’m looking forward to reading all the crazy things I’ve written when the challenge is over. Writing whatever comes to mind has been a very “interesting” process.Today, and for the next couple of weeks, I’m focusing on making plans for my freelance writing business for 2013. I’m looking for ways to grow my services by developing a training course in clear writing for local businesses and by expanding my creative writing workshops into more schools, and by … Well, you get the idea.

The task of setting business goals is a lot easier with some guidance from other experienced writers. Here’s a link to Paul Lima’s chapter from Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing. Whether you are in business or not, answering the questions that Paul poses here will help you create a plan that will help you reach your goals.

Another link that certainly helped me get my goals in perpective is from Kristi Holl at Writer’s First Aid. Here she talks about small goals that she believes will make a big difference to her writing output next year. Also have a look at Set Goals NOW for 2013, and with Kristi’s and Paul’s suggestions enjoy New Year’s Day knowing that you’ve done good work to make 2013 your best year yet.

Do you take the time to make yearly plans for your business or your writing life? Do you have any resources or suggestions that help with goal setting and planning?

4 thoughts on “Planning for 2013

  1. I’ve never planned that far ahead, Heather. I usually found that something comes along, something I hadn’t expected, and my planning goes down the drain.. I’m in awe of those who can make definite plans and stick to them..Wishing you all the success with your writing.

    • Thanks, Laura. Last year was a very slow year for my freelance business, so I’ve decided to do some planning now to help grow the bank account next year. I don’t think I can actually forecast an entire year, but I can start some things in motion, that I hope will have positive results later.

    • Hi Evelyn, I wish you all the best in your new freelancing venture. Paul Lima’s book, The Six-Figure Freelancer, is a great resource, and I think that most of it is online for free on his website. Definitely worth looking at. Good luck!

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