Music and Work and School

Conductor's Baton and Sheet MusicJust had to pass this link along to CBC Radio. CBC has compiled a playlist for students to listen to while preparing for exams. There are also a couple of links to information about the connections between music and the brain. I’ve been listening to this playlist since Monday while I wrote a story and did some prep for my fall courses. I’m a classical music fan anyways, but this is a compilation that I’ve really been enjoying.
Do you listen to music when you work? If you do, what music do you prefer? Do you play music in your classroom while your students are working or do you ever let them listen to their own music during class work periods?

7 thoughts on “Music and Work and School

  1. If I am writing, it is usually classical music. However, when I paint, different music inspires me. For example, after returning from Vietnam I put on cd’s from there while painting a picture of two very small girls in their mother’s straw hats. For me, it all depends where I am off to… 🙂

    • You’re right. It depends on ‘where you are’ at the time–in your head or physically. My car radio rarely plays classical music. I like to drive with loud music–country, broadway, old standards–that I can sing along to. (Obviously I am alone in the car. 🙂 )

  2. Humm. I really NOT a fan of background music whilst studying. If the music matters, I want to LISTEN to it, and allow it to possess me, and attend to it. I actually find classical music PAINFUL as background. Although i don’t paint, the painting lady’s post had me nodding – I will play classical music whilst cooking, or doing a manual task, but NOT as a ‘background’ for left brain work. Either I stop doing the brainwork, and begin to actively listen to the music, or I feel physically and emotionally unsettled at letting the music become half attended to filler

    • My best friend needs silence to write, and her husband writes while listening to the radio–music, advertising, news, the works. Everyone has their own ideal working sound environment. When you know what works for you, your creativity thrives. Good luck with your studying!

  3. Hi Heather,

    I was led to your site via the HS-ON Trips Yahoo group list. This is a wonderful find, such a great compilation of music. Thank you for sharing this with us. Our family loves CBC radio, especially Tempo with Julie Nesrallah. We have learned much from her delightful programming and she is just so irrepressibly cheerful!

    I am happy to have found your site as well as the lovely music I am currently playing in the background. I look forward to exploring your blog and sharing it with my two teens who learn at home in their own creative ways, including much reading, writing, art, music and plenty of fascinating discussions.


    • Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the music, Una. I hope your teens enjoy the website and find some more inspiration for their creativity. Sounds like learning and living in your house is a lot of fun!

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