Friday Wrap-Up

Begonias and Something with Purple Flowers. My only planting of annuals.
Begonias and Something with Purple Flowers. My only planting of annuals.

This has been a busy chore-filled week. I am so not a gardener and our house is on a lot that presents a lot of challenges. A lot of my work seems to be done on a 45 degree slope. I’m strictly into low maintenance, but my mom, who has an apartment downstairs, is a force to be reckoned with in the spring, and plants keep coming home with her for me to dig in somewhere. What started out as just a little corner for her to putter in has grown this year by more than a dozen various plants and small shrubs and threatens to keep growing. I always cringe a little when she gazes over the back yard and says, “You know. I’ve just been thinking … ” You see, I’m a big fan of goutweed, hostas and day lilies to keep the weeds down, but her tastes are considerably more refined. I mean, she actually plants annuals! This is her happy time of year, so I keep digging holes where she tells me and trimming things that she says need trimming, and try to think positively of the calories that I’m burning, and the glass of wine that I’ll have earned by the end of the day.

On the writing side, I made a bit more progress at the end of the week and will be finishing a short story draft today that I started on Wednesday. Up until then, I was totally stymied by misgivings about whether I should rewrite a major project or just keep going ahead with the sequel. Should I change a project from third person to first? And then I realized I had started my mystery novel all wrong. And then … well, you get the idea. Shudder. Indecision is a real creativity killer, and there are times when I am nearly buried in it. Climbing out is a grim process, but I do, finally, get above ground again and back to the keyboard. Whew.

I’ve gathered a few months of writing starters and added them under the Writing Prompts tab today, and updated my list of publishing options for teen writers under the Where to Get Published tab. You can tell that I’ve also played around with the look of the site again. Sorry about that.

Have a great Friday and hope you have a relaxing and creative weekend ahead.

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